OS10/OS20/OS30/OS40:Heating outdoor fresh air: available in spring, autumn and winter.

OS22/OS32/OS42:  2-in-1 function

Heating outdoor fresh air: suitable for all models.

Heating indoor air circularly mold: can keep heating the room air and increasing the room temperature, and can keep away from any wet or cold or smog air. This mode is the best way to heat the room. Applicable to OS22/32/42. In this mode, it is recommended that the air volume is the largest. The larger the air volume, the better the heating effect of the whole room. 

When the outdoor temperature is too low, just open the air inlet indoor to keep heating the indoor air. Just close the air inlet indoor to introduce and heat the fresh air outdoor.

Product detail for aluminum alloy heater

The price includes a mechanical thermostat and all necessary mounting accessories. Extra cost will be charged if customer needs LCD thermostat and automatic air outlet. The new invisible fixed buckle can be selected, and the fixed buckle cannot be seen after installation.

Reducing the air volume can increase the air temperature into the room. Increasing the air volume can increase the heating efficiency and dehumidification effect.       

Houses with little sunlight or poor insulation; rooms with frequent occupancy or high humidity require much larger models. For frequently occupied rooms, it is better to purchase OS22/32/42 with LCD thermostat and automatic vents. 

The special felt cover can be spliced ​​with aluminum alloy collector (OS10H/20/22/30/32) and installed on a flat roof or wall. The air through the black felt gap (air intake volume remains unchanged) can efficiently absorb the heat of the sun, thereby increasing the temperature of the outdoor fresh air entering the room. As long as the felt cover is spliced, the temperature of the fresh air entering the room can be increased: F7----about 10℃; F11----about 15℃.  

After a long period of outdoor dust and rain test, the air intake volume is reduced by up to 3%. It can effectively filter Dust and become clean after rain washing, no maintenance is required. The service life is more than 5 years. 

Introduction and images for regulators or switches 

Mechanical thermostat:

The standard configuration can only work in the sun, and cannot be connected to electricity. Ventilator will stop working when the room temperature reaches the set value (eg. 25℃).

New LCD thermostat: Ventilation and dehumidification or humidification are available even on cloudy or summer nights. Smart curved touch screen: the perfect combination of art and technology! 

Ventilation, heating, dehumidification or humidification. Solar collector with LCD thermostat, provides you with a healthy climate and automatically processes indoor air. Simple operation, thoughtful air management expert! There are five modes: automatic, humidity control, manual, heating and ventilation, continuous heating of indoor air. Can detect indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, moisture content in the air. Automatically switch between solar and electrical energy. Ventilate regularly to purify the air every day. As long as the collector does not work, the air vents automatically close, completely isolating the outdoor cold air.

Solar Ventilation fan

A Ventilation Kit can be used as an exhauster for the humid air. An exhauster is necessary in the basement or other big buildings, which can’t breathe or need extra ventilation. The exhauster will be working at the same time as the solar air collector. Louver outlet with automatic close function, will keep the room heat from losing when fan turns off. Either electricity or solar energy is ok. Max air volume: 160m³/h. 


1 pc, Air outlet and Air inlet

1 pc, Diameter 125mm Telescopic duct  

1 pc, 11W solar panel  

1 pc, 125mm DC fan,  Work time: 40000h   

Technical reference

Test video for OS10 VS OS32 VS OS30 VS OS22 VS OS20 VS SV7,  made in 2018