Ventilation, heating, dehumidification or humidification. Solar collector with LCD thermostat, provides you with a healthy and warm home and automatically processes indoor air. Simple operation, thoughtful air management expert!

When it's a sunny day, the collector will keep heating the room in the morning & afternoon. At noon, it will automatically heat fresh air outdoor to ventilate/dehumidify all room, supply you fresh air all day. This function is only applicable for OS22/32/42. Ventilation can be extended at noon in spring / autumn.

Even in rainy or cloudy weather, the collector will provide fresh air to you by automatically switching to electricity, and the power consumption is less than 10kWh per year. When the outdoor temperature reaches its highest level at noon in spring / autumn / winter, or when the weather is cool in the  summer evenings, it will ventilate the room to improve the indoor temperature; keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The collector can also dehumidify or humidify the room according to the difference of moisture content between indoor and outdoor to maintain a relative humidity of 40-70%. The dry air outside will automatically drive away the humid air indoor. Similarly, the humid outdoor air will automatically humidify the room.


The built-in solar powered fan makes air transport which results in a contribution to heat the building and thus a saving on heating bills.  Regular ventilation without power consumption. On a sunny day, the temperature of the injected air is approximately 5-40ºC higher than the outdoor or indoor air inlet temperature.  In addition, the air temperature on the sunny side usually rises more than 10ºC under the big sun.


The fresh air of solar air heater squeezes the turbid air out of the room, keeping the air fresh and oxygen-rich. 

Depending on the models, approx. 5 to 140m³/h dry, warm air is blew into the room. In the case of cloudy days without sunlight, the room can also be properly ventilated. Humid air is drove out of the room through a built-in valve or the cracks and crevices of the building.

Ventilation is a key factor to the state of every building. Stagnant indoor air increases the risk of fungi, rot and other unwanted consequences. 

Preserve the value of your vacation home while getting fresh air – for free and all year round!  

Dehumidification or humidification

The OSCAR solar air heater in the basement can fully solve the moisture in the basement and extend the service life of the indoor structure and appliances. Basement problem: damp basement. One of the earliest signs of wetness in the basement was a stale smell. Humidity can quickly damage items stored in the basement, such as textiles, cardboard boxes or furniture. In addition, lack of regular ventilation can cause mold and harmful fungi. To make the room suitable again, it must be regularly heated, mechanically dehumidified and ventilated. Electric dehumidifiers will frost below 15 °C, so the dehumidification effect will be worse. In addition, the dehumidifier requires refrigeration and consumes a large amount of power. This often results in high operating costs.   

The dry climate indoor can easily cause virus and bacteria to multiply and spread. In addition, the dry air takes away water from the body, making them feel dry, feverish, depressed, coughing, hoarse, and sore throat.

Healthy and fresh indoor climate 

Improve the indoor environment, reduce the irritation caused by allergy and asthma, especially for newborns. Improvement on the dwelling atmosphere---- bring in oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide; discharge unpleasant odors which might cause allergies and discomfort; control the temperature and moisture of the room, prevent the emergence and spread of bacteria. When dry and warm air keeps flowing in the room, the damp, rot or mold would be long-term reduced. 

The WHO lists indoor air pollution as one of the top 10 threats to human health. When indoor ventilation conditions are poor, indoor gas pollutants accumulate and the concentration increases, resulting in serious indoor air pollution.

Get your money back in 2-3years

Total Annual Heating Delivered (9 months) kWh/㎡ is about 700 kWh/㎡. 

Free cost

Ventilating and heating with no costs! Decrease your heating bills significantly! No running costs.  

Environment friendliness

Reduce the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases that result from the use of fossil fuels for heating. 


Low voltage, no fire, no household electricity, no smoke or dust.