Heating indoor air mode, can keep heating the room air, and keeps away from any wet or cold or smog air. When people at home or when in the winter morning, just open the room air inlet; when people out or at noon, close the room air inlet and introduce fresh air to ventilate and dehumidify.

For other models or other brands, the air speed will decrease when air pressure goes up, therefore, the efficiency of heating absorption will decrease. In case you open the window or some other gap to let air go out, but meanwhile, the heat will also be lost. So internal circulation mode is the most suitable for heating room air in the winter or cloudy day.

The activated carbon filter cotton in the air duct can purify the air, deodorize, remove odor, and has a certain effect on removing TVOC, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.

Special heating absorption board:

Corrugated special anodic aluminum oxide, texture nano heat insulation coating, high absorption, low reflection. Solar absorbance of selective absorbing coating: 0.92; Hemisphere emittance of selective absorbing coating: 0.12. 

Solar photovoltaic panels are produced with well-known brand cell in high quality, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low conversion efficiency attenuation rate, with life expectancy for 20 years. Collectors can be used to dry crops such as vegetables, fruits and grains. The service life of photovoltaic panels will not be affected even under high temperature and strong light in tropical and subtropical regions.   

Under sunlight, the air inside the OS collector flows along both sides of the heat absorbing plate and can absorb the heat well from the absorbing plate. Tested in 900W / m2 sunlight, when the air volume is the same, the temperature of the OS collector is 4 ℃ higher than the collector where air flows only from one side of the heat absorbing plate. 

Instead of hydraulic fan, double ball fan is adopted, with longer lifespan, low temperature resistant. SUNON from Taiwan is the most well-known fan brand in the world. 

Auto Air outlet: it can be opened and closed manually or automatically, with 8mm thermal insulation cotton inside, good insulation effect.  Automatically turns off when the fan is not running.

Sealing strips are with high-quality silicone rubber: anti-UV, climate-resistance, better appearance. Frame: exclusively for open air, anti-UV texture coating, anti-UV outdoor screws. Low iron solar tempered glass is with big intensity, high elasticity, the transmission is excellent. Lower diffuse reflection can prevent heat loss.

OSCAR Warranty conditions   

SUNON fan life expectance: 70000 hours; 40000 hours warranty.  Thermostat, air outlet can be replaced free of charge within 2 years. The lifespan for solar pv panel is 20 years, guaranteed for 10 years. While glass and aluminum materials are with long lifespan. 

Fresh air inlet of solar air heater standard PET film: stops cold air, moisture, condensation of air humidity, and back draft (When not working). 

Easy installation, maintenance and operation

OS22/32 can be installed in 2 directions; the other models can be installed in 3 directions.

Note that by setting up two panels, e.g. one facing east-southeast and one south-southwest, you can take full advantage of the available sunshine throughout the day. 

The solar air heater cannot raise the temperature of supply air or ventilate in these situations: If it’s overcast, the sun isn’t shining or is shining weakly, during the night, early in the morning or late at night and when the panel is covered by snow or ice or during rain.

Can be installed on the wall or roof without the help of electrician/ construction worker. Small area, light weight. Installing your solar panel is so easy that you can do it yourselves. Product includes thermostat and all the necessary accessories for installation, such as screws, fixing clips, air ducts, air outlets, manuals, etc. Please distinguish wooden house and brick wall, so the correct electric drill is adopted.  You can substitute the spare parts except solar pv panels all by yourself within 30 minutes, with easy tools like scissors, tape, screwdriver, etc.

Wooden house tools

If you want to increase the heating efficiency, please increase the wind speed, the heat loss will be reduced. Please turn down the air outlet, if you need air going to the room with higher temperature; Or feel too noisy. The new invisible fixed buckle can be selected, and cannot be seen after installation.

Glass panel is with 20 years life span, which is much longer than polycarbonate panels, which are only 10 years, and after sunlight irradiation, it becomes yellow and solar transmittance goes extremely lower.

The backside is installed on the wall without interval. Wall with good insulation prevent heat waste. There are several bugs and bias in Delta test. The samples are put against a ladder, without insulation of wall, so the testing temperature is lower than Oscar’s actual performance. But some other brands bring in air at the backside, so the airflow can be bigger if there is no wall at the backside, and testing temperature would not decrease.