Function introduction

The sun shines on the special heating absorption board and the surrounding air absorbs heat. OSCAR solar air collector/ heater takes in air at the bottom of panels, and through a special construction, the air is heated in the sun catching the most heat and then delivered into the room. The heated fresh air is blown into the house by fan, driven by photovoltaic panel. In spring and autumn, the sun will be much better and the effect will be much better. In addition, the temperature on the sunny side usually rises by more than 10°C under the bright sun. Reducing the air volume can increase the temperature, and increasing the air volume can increase the heating efficiency and dehumidification effect. 

OSCAR Solar air heater: No cost for heating; Ventilation; Dehumidification; Humidification; Healthy indoor climate. Avoid moisture, mold, fungus, formaldehyde (HCHO), TVOC, benzene, ammonia, odor. OSCAR solar collectors provide you with a healthy and warm home and automatically processes indoor air.  Applications: Holiday Homes; Residential; Commercial Buildings; Cellar; Lofts; Garages; Workshop; Granges; Cabins; Summer Houses; Storage Rooms; Chalets; Sheds; Cottages; Caravans; Tents; Greenhouses; Drying Rooms; Gyms; Shops; Houses without electricity. Nakoair heater is started according to solar radiation. 

TÜV Rheinland test: Thermal performance test; Visual inspection; Internal pressure test; Rupture or collapse test; Exposure test; External thermal shock; Internal thermal shock; Rain penetration; Freeze resistance; Mechanical load; Impact resistance test; Final inspection.